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Best Quality Indonesian Coffee

There many variables to produce Best quality coffee and one of it is the method of processing Indonesian coffee. There are three primary types of green coffee bean processing: natural, washed, and honey. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

  1. Natural processing:
Best Quality Indonesian Coffee

Natural processing, also known as dry processing, is the oldest and simplest method of processing coffee beans. In this method, the coffee cherries are spread out in the sun and left to dry naturally.

  1. Washed processing:

Washed processing, also known as wet processing, is a more modern method of processing coffee beans. In this method, the coffee cherries are first pulped to remove the outer layer, leaving only the beans. Washed processing can result in a clean and bright flavor profile. But it requires more resources and infrastructure than natural processing.

  1. Honey processing:

Honey processing, also known as semi-washed processing, is a hybrid method that combines elements of natural and washed processing. Honey processing can result in a unique flavor profile that combines the sweetness of natural processing. With the cleanliness of washed processing.

Inaturfag can served natural, wash and honey process green and roasted coffee beans by customers request. All products from us is only best quality Indonesian coffee and all roasted coffee. Products have been sort with good and whole bean (broken beans has been sorted out). Roasted coffee beans can be light, medium light, medium, medium dark and dark roast.

The roasting profile depends on notes of each coffee beans and were customized to the best profiles. To produced a balanced and intense lingering aftertaste of coffee. The aftertaste of coffee will be feeled very clean, memorable and pleasuring. That can boost your daily mood to be productive days. This is the article that i can share for to have best quality indonesian coffee. And to be noted that this is only few variables that can affect the taste of coffee and should be many more to get it perfect.

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